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  Before COVID shut everything down I worked in advertising, SEO marketing and localization for brands.  I’ve always loved interior decor and photography but back then saw those as hobbies. 

  In the beginning of 2020 I moved to California, where we got our first house and two months later found ourselves locked up there because the pandemic took over the world.  This is when I started spending my whole time furnishing, decorating as well as chronicling this process.  I enjoyed all of it from organizing drawers to making floor plans so much that I became a true interiorvert - somebody who loves spending their time analyzing styles and approaches to home decorating, creating layouts, furnishing and commemorating all of the above in images.  When the world came back to normal I wanted to continue doing this on a bigger level. 

  Please use the contact form below if you'd like to say hi, collaborate (TFP) or work together. P.S.: I do not place banners over this site or mention products I haven't tried and liked myself. 


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