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BLUE LATTE: FLOWER POWdER evening drink for better sleep

Blue matcha or moon milk or coastal grandma style latte - this drink has many names but one thing about it, that so many bloggers agree on, is that it promotes relaxation and better sleep. I also do think it looks perfectly in line with so loved these days coastal grandma style, doesn't it?

Blue latte drink for relaxation and better sleep

I've been looking for a new evening ritual to try out and moon latte seemed like something that will slow you down in a very good way. So I looked up what you need for it (surprisingly only 3 simple ingredients) and gave it a shot.

blue matcha latte
Photo: @interior_vert

So the secret ingredient and the only thing that's exotic about it really is the butterfly pea flower powder. It is not exactly matcha, it's this flower powder that looks very matcha-ish and gives the drink its pretty blue color. Besides the look, the actual benefits are improvement in blood circulation and the feeling of relaxation that comes with it.

To make a cup of blue latte you will only need these 3 ingredients :

1 cup of milk or non-dairy alternative,

1 tsp of butterfly pea flower powder

1 tsp of honey or maple syrup

Optionally you can add: 1/2 tsp of cinnamon/nutmeg and 1 tsp of ashwagandha.

Blue latte recipe

Cinnamon or other seasonal spice will give it more vibe and Indian herb ashwagandha, which is a widely used component in a lot anti-stress remedies, can improve its relaxing qualities.

The easiest way to prepare it is: add all the listed ingredients to your milk and blend it in aeroccino or a frother. Then just pour it into a mug and know that you are done for the day.

Blue latte drink

Blue latte making process


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