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WHAT I HAVE IN MY DRAWERS - to keep them fresh and tidy

Big drawers are perfect to store large linens, knits and sweaters that can't live on hangers, loungewear and sleepwear like pajamas, robes, sleep masks an so on but in closed spaces like this there's not a lot of air circulation. That's why it's important to find ways to prevent stuffy smells, below are my favorite home organization tricks for drawers.

Soap bars.

I use a lot of small soap bars and a few big ones here and there. You can either open the sides of the packaging so that the fragrance in it has an exit or put them in small linen or mesh bags. There's many options on Amazon but you can also make them yourself - just cut up a piece of gauze or an old lace blouse and wrap it around soap bars. The openings in the fabric will allow the scent to evaporate and the drawer contents will smell like it's been stored in a boutique where fragrance is always in the air.

Soap and lavender for the closet
Photo: @interior_vert

The cool thing about soap bars is that it takes a while, sometimes years for them to loose the scent. My favorite soap scents are verbena and lemon and I like Fresh, La Labo, Dyptique, Byredo and L'Occitane soaps that always smell amazing. Whenever you're staying at a hotel, see if they have some cool soaps that you can keep and use in your drawers - travel size soap is perfect for this purposes coz it doesn't take up too much of the precious space. Be careful with craft and natural soap though - with time it can release oils and stain all the things around.


Lavender keeps fleas away, which makes it super helpful to safely store your knitts. I usually fill up little bags with dried lavender and add a drop or two of lavender oil to it. Then put it between the sweaters or stored linens/sheets (works well coz of its calming and sleep promoting qualities) and in about a week everything in that drawer carries a delicate lavender scent.

Bedroom dresser
Photo: @interior_vert

Scented liners.

This is now a product that you can easily buy in different colors/patterns and with various aromas but it's also super easy to make. You can use gift wrapping tissue and just spray it with either your favorite light fragrance, room spray or textile spray and it will be ready.

Scented liners for drawers
Photo: @interior_vert

It's pretty amazing when sheets or towels or even pages of the book you're reading carry a pleasant scent rather than smelling like old fabrics and papers. These are little things, but they can all together change your mood for the better.

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